Renewable Energy project management, technology assessment, and grant writing

Significant Milestones

2003      Implemented Mississippi's first biodiesel school bus demonstration project

2003      Managed Mississippi's first multi-party statewide biodiesel feasibility study

2004      Integrated the first "solar-wind hybrid house" in the South East to sell electricity back to

              Tenneesee Valley Authority's power grid

2004      Working closely on the first commercial scale broiler litter anaerobic digester in the nation

2004      Appointed to the Executive Board of the Southern Alliance for the Utilization of Biomass

              Resources (SAUBR)

2005      Installing the first and largest solar thermal system in South to heat process water for an

              anaerobic digester

2005      Utilize existing federal tax credit for electricity produced from poultry litter (and for sale

              back to the utility) for the first time in the nation

2005      Mississippi Business Journal's "Top 40 Under 40" class of 2005

2005      Named as Director of Strategic Biomass Initiative for the Mississippi Technology Alliance

2005      Appointed as the President of the Mississippi Biomass Council

2006      Appointed by Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour to represent the state on the Governor's

              Ethanol Coalition

2006      Serve as a member of Governor's Energy Task Force




Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that is made from any fat or vegetable oil. Because of environmental and energy production concerns, the biodiesel industry is experiencing a rapid pace of growth in the United States. The Mississippi Biodiesel Feasibility Study, released on March 18, 2004 to correspond with the National Biodiesel Day, examines the feasibility of a biodiesel industry in the state of Mississippi. In addition to evaluating potential biodiesel markets, the study quantifies the data on restaurant and animal fat and other oil feedstock availability in Mississippi.  Sumesh Arora served as the project manager for this multi-party study.



ANAEROBIC DIGESTION: Currently involved with a 400+ head dairy "fixed-film" digester and a commercial scale broiler litter poultry digester. 


SOLAR THERMAL:  Currently involved with one of the largest solar themal installations in Mississippi consisting of 32 solar collector to heat approximately 2500 gallons of water per day.


PHOTOVOLTAICS: Involved with setup, programming, troubleshooting, maintenance, data acquisition for three residential demonstration projects to showcase PV technology, inverters and battery backup systems.  Connected the first house in the entire Tennessee Valley Authority's national service area that sells power back to grid that is produced from PV and wind.  Read more about TVA's Green Power Switch Generation Partners Program here.


WIND: Involved with setup, troubleshooting and data acquisition on two residential demonstration projects in central and north Mississippi.



Co-authored over 40 fact sheets to evaluate energy options from swine manure.  These fact sheets have been distributed to over 350 RC&D Councils around the country.



BIOPRODUCTS MARKETING: Provide assistance to evalute bioproducts, biofuels, bioenergy and biochemicals market potential.


LIQUID FERTILIZER TANK MANAGEMENT (2002): Co-developed an inspection and maintenance program for above-ground liquid fertilizer storage tanks that was adopted by one of the largest fertilizer manufacturers in the country and several of its key customers.




With 13 years of experience, onsite training for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), environmental scanning electron microscope (E-SEM) and energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDX) available.  Contact us today for a free quote.

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